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South Korea factory output growth at over five-year high, recovery still fragile By Christine Kim SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's industrial output in December grew at its fastest pace in more than five years over the previous month, but analysts are wary about the economic outlook as businesses remain pessimistic due to deteriorating global growth. Output rose by a seasonally adjusted 3.0 percent in December on monthly terms, following a downwardly revised 1.0 percent rise in November, Statistics Korea data showed on Friday. December's growth rate was the fastest since a 3.7 percent gain in September 2009 and topped a median 1.0 percent rise tipped in a Reuters survey of 13 analysts, with forecasts ranging from gains of 0.2 percent to 2.4 percent. Growth was considerably weak in the fourth quarter and we see that dullness continuing into the first quarter of this year," said Chae Hyun-kee, an economist at KTB Securities in Seoul.
Beaver Creek focus on snow queen Vonn By Mark Lamport-Stokes (Reuters) - All eyes will be on speed queen Lindsey Vonn at the Feb. 2-15 world championships in Beaver Creek where the American will be a red-hot favourite as she bids to add to the two gold medals she won six years ago. Though Vonn has had to contend with various injuries since 2009, including torn knee ligaments and a broken shin at the 2013 world championships in Schladming after crashing in the Super-G, she has been back to her regal best in recent months. Earlier this month, Vonn won a Super-G on the Cortina D'Ampezzo slopes to move past Austrian Annemarie Moser-Proell with a record 63rd World Cup victory before adding a 64th in St Moritz on Sunday, again in the Super-G. "When I started Alpine skiing, my goal was to win one race," Vonn said after her landmark triumph in Cortina. It's difficult to put into words what it means to me." Vonn, who landed Super-G and downhill gold at the 2009 world championships in Val d'Isere, will spearhead a strong American challenge in Beaver Creek along with her exciting compatriot, world and Olympic champion Mikaela Shiffrin.
Migrant votes key in marginals Migrant voters could have a decisive impact in a range of key marginal seats in the forthcoming general election, a new study has found.
Miliband plea to media on election Ed Miliband has appealed to media covering the general election to concentrate on the issues at stake and not question the motives of politicians competing for power.
Police fear corruption accusations Bobbies on the beat are so worried of being accused of corruption they are turning down cups of tea from members of the public, a report has found.
Icy roads alert after thundersnow Britons have been warned to brace themselves for fresh disruption today as snow freezes over, bringing potentially perilous road conditions.
Cancer deaths put strain on NHS The number of terminal cancer patients who are forced to die in hospital rather than at home is placing an unnecessary strain on the NHS, a charity has warned.
Detached homes making comeback More detached homes are being built now than at the height of the property boom in 2007, an industry body has reported.
Third of children overweight More than a third of children in England are overweight or obese, according to a 20-year study of electronic health records.
Remembrance service for Churchill Events will be held today to mark the 50th anniversary of the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill - arguably Britains greatest prime minister.
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آدرس نمایندگی دیمو مشهد
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شرایط اعطای نمایندگی البسکو
نیاز کمپرسی ده چرخ در مشهد
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قیمت اراضی سوران
الهه برقچی
جملات زیبا در مورد وقف
هتل خاوران مشهد
لیست قیمت لودرخراسان
نحوه کار فلاش تانک
نتایج قرعه کشی رنگ بیول
موتورکراس باقیمت
پاستیل به بتودرکشور ترکیه ای
جوجه طوس مشهد
استخدام معدن دولتی سنگان خواف
تریل ۱۲۵فروشی
خریددضایعات مشهد
ایران خودرو و فروش پیکان۹۳
دانلود رایگان اموزش دوتار
محاسبه پمپ فواره
كبسول سودوزل
کار کمپرسی سنگ اهن خواف
قیمت جدید پیکان۹۳
ساعت فروشی مشهد
اموزش ساخت هویه برقی
مرتضی برقچی
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موتور ام زد 251 وارد ایران
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تصاویرتراکتورکمرشکن باغی
مراکز فروش رنگ مو بیول در مشهد
قیمت اتاقهای خانه معلم شیراز
هتل شهدای همدان مشهد
قیمت لودر ۹۵۰
سهام پروژه اخلمد
آپولو چارتر
نمایندگی های فروش جیلی در مشهد
نت برای دوتار
اساس کار فلش تانک
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